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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  ABC  August 7, 2016 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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?? ?? ?? welcome to an all-new episode of "our world with black enterprise." i'm your host. up first, football hall of famer and major league football star deio s family and fatherhood. >> we have to stop playing and get in the game as father, man, because if we get in the game as fathers and start raising these kids and being there for these kids and chastising these kids and channeling these kids and provoking change in these kids. >> our entrepreneur of the week is survivor in africa to successful businesswoman in africa with the successful
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these neighborhoods we have the security plan, we have the plan for everything else, but i think one of the plans that we miss is the hospitality plan. >> from the corner office we get fashion forward with the designer who wowed the crowds at new york's fashion week. >> my background basically was streetwear, it was hip-hop it was sports licensing and it warrant really the beautiful textile pattern that i now. >> and finally, taking imagination to new heights with the disney dreamers academy in our slice of life. >> we believe there is an opportunity here with cure eighted and powerful voices in this environment that more seeds will take root and we're going to see the benefits of that. >> that's what's happening in our world up next.
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? ? ? ? only those who dare drive the world forward.
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?? ?? ? >> welcome back to "our world with black enterprise," he's an elite athlete who played in the super bowl and the world series and he's the only player to hit a major league home run and score an nfl touchdown in the same week. >> valuing faith, family, fashion and mentorship, deion sanders, sports analyst and single father raising ten kids feels that being a great dad is one of the things that matters most. >> i'm proud of you. >> come on. come on. i'm serious. >> inducked into the football hall of fame in 2011, we sat down for an inspiring one-on-one. >> let's go back to you, florida and particularly your mom which is your hall of fame speech which was one of the most moving speeches i've ever heard. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> and i was shocked when you said this was all because of her.
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>> for real. >> tell us about that. >> first of all, when we see someone that we deem successful i like to hear stories because there is also a method behind the madness. that's why i love the hall of fame and it gives you the platform and length to help you understand what makes this guy tick. >> that was the first time in my life i disclosed that i was somewhat not proud of what my mother did when i was a kid, that she cleaned hospital. she was the custodian and lying to my homeys saying she was a nurse and that was the first time i disclosed that publicly and i lived with that in my heart for 20 years and understanding that lie that i told to others and they called me on it because they saw my mom pushing a cart and my homeys ridiculed and that's when i made a promise to myself.
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going to be rich and i'll make money and my mama will never have to work a day in her life. >> i told her that when i was 7. >> you looked her in the face and said you're never going to have to work. >> i'm going to be rich and make a lot of money. >> all because of the ridicule. all because of what i saw. i saw things differently, and what i was exposed to. she took me out of the inner city and put me on the other side of town. i was the jackie baseball league. >> from humble beginning to defensive moves on the field, sanders made a name for himself, one that he would never forget, prime time and i give you the brand and that's who you want to see, you didn't want to be the guy that didn't curse, and never smoked and never been high. >> never smoked and never been high and stopped cursing in college. >> wow! >> that was -- nobody wants to
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no. >> don't nobody want to see that. >> no jewelry. >> you want swag and you want something hanging on the curb and you have that she ney sequa and you wanted that flavor and they never felt the need and compassion to get to know me and i knew it. it was a use-use relationship. you use me, i use you. that was the extent of the relationship and sooner or later i got tired game. >> when i heard your teammates play, this is across the teams and deion, not only was he gifted, but he was the hardest working person on the team. do you feel that way? >> there was never no football camp or baseball camp or basketball. it was self-taught because i remembered this promise i had. >> right. >> you can lie to anybody else in life, but when you start lying to yourself you become a fool. >> i can't lie to me. i made myself a promise that i
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my mama would never have to work. >> sanders feels part of what was different in his youth was the culture and sports in television and in a show featuring his own family, deion's family playbook. >> i have the plan to get kids ready for band. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12 -- our prayers and then we're going to go to bed. >> when i read the bion the oprah winfrey site, deion sanders who had settled down and become family man and businessman, what motivated you to do that settling down? >> i've always been settled, but i never showed you that because my public life was so public i kept private private. i played sports every day, so it
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in time i had never allowed a camera to my home and why i was in the struggle with the fight and i had never aloud people to get close. that's what you want. you don't want to know deion. he's boring. >> i posted on facebook that you were coming. you know the number one question? >> is he going to bring tracy? >> when are you going to >> i'm old school, man. >> what that means is i don't believe in long-distance relationships and long-distance marriages. the relationship, we're co passetic, i've got her back and i know she has mine, and when i say i do we have to be in the same city. >> that's what's interesting, you strike me as such a god-fearing, confident and happy
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and i love you now. i'm a dad and i have two sons and you inspire us dads to be better fathers. >> you have to be in the darn game as fathers because when we get in the game as fathers and start raising these kids and being there for these kids and channeling these kids and provoking change in these kids they won't throw stones because the reason they pick up the stone is because they dropped their hope. >> deion sa thank you very much for blessings us and thank you for being who yo coming up, our entrepreneur of the week on fleeing the civil war and finding a land of opportunity. stay with us. ? ? she trusts me, so i'm here for her at every step. how you feel, champ? 1-2. give it to me. nice, roll. cause better doesn't just happen overnight. it takes work. lunch! mcdonald's new chicken mcnuggets.
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gold bond? powder spray with a manly scent. separates the men from the boys. new gold bond? men's powder spray controls odor, wetness... smells irresistible. stay cool. >> welcome back. our entrepreneur of the week had the strength to follow her dreams to chain. patricia has more. >> by the mid-'90s, the civil war in liberia had left thousands of children homeless, helpless and feeling hopeless, but despite the severity of the turmoil, if shows an optimistic perspective when describing her experience. >> what i do remember about that
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migrated to the united states and totally different culture and how were you able to adjust and be a part of it seamlessly? >> coming here i was ready for america because i was starved. i was starved for education, opportunity and just being able to just be a kid again. >> after college adina began pursuing ownership on a larger scale. >> i remember buying my first house and had every penny and everything i had just to be in the the first six months we'd been on the floor. literally on the floor because i had no furniture and no money to buy furniture, but it was okay, all of that sacrifice made that transaction so worthwhile because i can look back and say, wow, i did this. i did it. >> with her ambition leading the way, adina beganic maing strides toward her next goal to open an ihop in her community no matter how many doors were shut.
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seven local banks and seven local banks said no to me so after the seventh no, you were not deterred. >> no. the next thing was no for something else and i would fix that. i started working at ihop on the weekends. i said i will come moonlight. you don't even have to pay me. i'll be here just learning. the reason the restaurant got from there was a conversation i had from corporate, and i remember getting the c information from ihop corporate and i'm very interested in doing a deal and got off the phone with the gentleman and ten minutes later i had my first restaurant. >> i can help you, please in. >> that was the big break adina needed. from there she became the youngest franchisee in ihop's history. it was the fastest-growing ihop in the northeast with increases in revenue each and every year since 2009.
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had the recipe for success. >> oftentimes when we come in these neighborhoods we have the security plan, we have the plan for everything else, but i think one of the plans that we missed is the hospitality plan. >> today adina is a real estate develop or and co-owner of a firm that manages more than $200 million in urban redevelopment projects. she is dedicated to serving her community in every way possible. with her advice for others. >> i do believe, and i tell my staff here now, be very present in your experience. you have to be present because you don't know when you might have to pull what you have here in your future life. so you have to be extremely present in your life now. >> when we return from runningbacks to the run wye, a
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?? not just anyone can pitch like all-star jacob degrom, but anyone could save money with geico. geico. proud partner of the new york mets. welcome back. he started out rocking the runway with his sports apparel. tamil robinson's pro-bowl all-star jerseys are turning up on everyone from tom braid toe jay-z. now from the corner office we get the lowdown on the style and spirit that's taken him from newark to the top.
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>> i come from the urban areas of the north and it wasn't like the best place to look at, but my artistic background always took me to another place. i didn't want to do fashion so to speak because was a big sports fan. by way of the sports and getting to sports life and saying that's apparel. it would become a fashion my transition and they would see the era. the transition for me was wanting to know more about the different textiles, and that's what really brought me into wanting to do like more fashionable things. so it came from me and always sprang on them and always doing something to denim whether it was rhinestones or painting on
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the best thing that ever happened to me because it opened the door not only to relationships, but to a growth as a designer. my mentor was glen senior and he was a master patternmaker in new york and he worked for the different fashion houses and he basically instilled in me to expand on my artistic background and my background basically was streetwear. it was hip-hop, it was sports licensing, and it wasn't really the beautiful textile pattern that i create now or the dresses. he saw in me something a little bit more and he saw an image. the opportunity to work gave me a whole new global touch, global reach. >> with that being said, i felt
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overseas and working with the factories direct and learning and you know, giving that whole essence of the business of fashion that merged with the talent and normally you would build a collection and go to a buyer and it has preview neiman-marcus, and i just felt that the political aspect of it made a younger company, you know, minority owned, and i think we wanted to try something a little more different and not to say that we won't go and deal with the department store, but it had to be a win-win situation. going the whole e-commerce site.
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e-commerce. i would like to call it a virtual shop. it gives me a whole different feel and, you know, it gives you a feel like you're at the mall and you're shopping. it's much more easier than being in a department store because if someone in australia who, you know, who we have a lot of fans or with japan they can go right on these shops. >> coming up, dreaming big. the program to imagination to new horizons. imagination to new horizons. ?? ?? ?? mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure.
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welcome back to our world with black enterprise. imagine a place where you're inspired to dream big and you can get the tools and support to see your dreams come true. that's the goal of disney's dreamers academy which is getting ready to bring together its next class of budding
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imagineers. >> it's mind blowing to think that you're one of the top hundred of applicants that apply is just amazing. >> if you use your gift and you compile it with your dream, man, there's your opportunity! >> disney created the academy in eve harvey and "essence" magazine to help inspire and motivate young people. >> dreamers. welcome to the disney academy. >> so far, 500 dreamers have taken part in discussions from classes with some of their favorites from stage, screen and business. >> this is more important than anything else on my calendar. these kids come from all over the country and they're bright and they're enthusiastic and it's up to us to give back.
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dreamers academy i was certain of my gifts. what really is the potential to my gift and that is what changed my life. >> hey, brandon, you're a junior in high school, but you have co-founded. lord have mercy, you have co-founded two companies. >> to have someone like steve harvey talk to us for hours on end and the fact that they're here, their experience is just amazing and i couldn't be more grateful. the academy works with the class of dreamers and the adults in their lives to set goals and make plans and move forward to realize their dreams. >> i see myself as a mother when i speak to the parents and i see myself as one of the teams when i'm watching them. >> i think in some way we are looking for ourselves in them and we know that there's someone coming behind us and we want to give them what we wish someone
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>> i want to take the learning experience and really listening to the speakers. >> maximize every opportunity you have so it will start to make sense later as you evolve and as your life starts to take shape. >> we believe there is an opportunity here with what's being curated and the powerful voices and this environment that more seeds will take root and we'll see the benefits of that. >> to be among to participate in the next disney dreamers academy with steve harvey and essence magazine, high school students nationwide must apply to disney dreamers and that does it for this edition of "black world with black enterprise" visit us black
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